Message from your friendly neighbourhood moderator

This post, the one about Misandry being a myth. I am done. Done watching hateful messages come into my inbox, hateful messages against the kind of people who – shock horror – I actually might be friends with and adore.

I have never moderated any comments before as I don’t want to be heavy-handed, but this had to stop somewhere and it’s fitting that it’s now.

The latest, for example, was a homohpobic rant about how abnormal homosexuals are because they can’t have children. You know what? Some of my best friends are gay or bisexual. I don’t judge people by their ability to procreate with their partner. I don’t judge people on who they sleep with. Really, if that is the most worrying thing in your life then you have it pretty easy. I only wish I could be so concerned about stuff that doesn’t affect me – lord knows I could use a break from my other genuine problems.

If you want to rant about how much you hate gay people or women, there are plenty of other fora for that and this is the wrong place for you. I am done trying to be fair. Every single comment should be gone, and it’s now closed. Feel free to inwardly scream impotently because nobody can hear you and we don’t give a fuck anyway.

About A Girl
Mostly writes on Half The World Is Watching. She is interested in and writes about feminist issues, politics and activism. An 80s child at heart, she loves old things, computer games, and keeping up with the development of social media.

2 Responses to Message from your friendly neighbourhood moderator

  1. shakil davis says:

    excuse me but whoe exactly are you. Also is your comment about how the goodmenproject sucks refering to their whole article written by a rapist thing?

  2. The Political Hat says:

    Ironic post, considering the hatred and justification for discrimination on this blog.

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