Food for thought on gender equality

They say you find things happening more often once you’re aware of them. Great recent examples: I’ve noticed Emirates a lot more since I’ve been to Dubai; I’ve seen a couple of travel features on former-Yugoslavia since reading Veronika Decides To Die; and since purchasing Wolf Hall, Hilary Mantel has somehow wriggled her way into my life. I hadn’t even heard of her before!

Another thing that keeps cropping up time and time again is something that I started thinking about a while ago. As far back as January, when I started gathering ideas and writing what I would call an e-book – about something that had been bugging me for a while in feminist circles. There is very little discussion of inequality with regards to men. I don’t agree with MRAs at all, but I think there is some truth – requiring acknowledgement and warranting discussion – in the stats thrown around. Men are more likely to commit suicide, men die at a younger age, etc.

There’s an interesting article on the Guardian today about a new book coming out, called The Second Sex – it argues men are actually now the victims of prejudice. And Laurie Penny just last month wrote about listening to men on certain issues. Not to say I agree with either. But I think they are looking at things we should be discussing.

So it’s a fairly zeitgeist thing, this thinking about men and how to achieve genuine equality for all in terms of gender. I spent a long while deliberating over this and at last I’ve written something on the topic. I’m quite proud of it as a piece of writing, though unfortunately it’s not going to be published here, and I’m not sure when it will be published. I don’t want to say much more about it because that would ruin it – but when it’s up, I’ll put a link to it here.

About A Girl
Mostly writes on Half The World Is Watching. She is interested in and writes about feminist issues, politics and activism. An 80s child at heart, she loves old things, computer games, and keeping up with the development of social media.

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